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    Accomodation S. Marcos Accomodation S. Marcos
     The House of S. Marcos  (ou Casa de São Marcos) is a tourism development in the countryside, born  in the bosom of the purest...
    Restaurante Moto Clube Restaurante Moto Clube
    Specialities: Feijoada (dish made of beans and several kinds of meat) and  "Cozido" (portuguese stew made of boiled meat with...
    Tralha Wine Tapas Bar Tralha Wine Tapas Bar
    Modern restaurant, close to Jardim da Carreiora (Carreira Garden)Specialities: various snacksAverage price per person: 15...
    Plaza Grill Plaza Grill
    "The Municipality of Penafiel has ancestral references in the product Gastronomy and Wines.The lamprey and the shad has been...
    Restaurant Flôr do Nilo Restaurant Flôr do Nilo
    Specialities:codfishlittle buckThe Portuguese stewHours of Operation: Monday to Saturday - 7:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
    "Vale do Lima" Bike Adventure "Vale do Lima" Bike Adventure
    The River Lima Valley displays nature contrasts which are now a reference and an example of a balance between the human...
    Monastery of the Saviour of Paço de Sousa Monastery of the Saviour of Paço de Sousa
    The Monastery of the Saviour of Paço de Sousa was founded in the 10th century by Trutesendo Galindes and his wife Anímia. It...
    A Paz (Peace) A Paz (Peace)
    Author: John Cutileiro

    This work was inaugurated  by the Nobel Peace Prize and President of the Democratic Republic of East...
    Casal Romano da Bouça de Ouro Casal Romano da Bouça de Ouro
    The Roman site of Bouça do Ouro is located in Boelhe parish, on the right bank of the river Tamega. This space consists of two...
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