“MIMO, a minha cidade”

“MIMO, a minha cidade”

Amarante 25 Jul to 30 Sep 2019
09:00 - 23:59
As a result of an ideas contest held last June, the 2019 edition of the “MIMO, my city” action began, under which, under the theme “Songs of the World”, three artists from Amarante created an illustrated artistic script involving 54 shop windows in the city's commercial establishments.
The purpose of the action is to increase the attractiveness of the shops in the historic center, in the space delimited by ARU - Urban Rehabilitation area, taking advantage not only of the audiences generated by the MIMO Festival (70 thousand people in 2018), but also of tourists and visitors. that, in the summer months, head for Amarante.

The choice of “Songs of the World” as a motto for the work of the selected artists goes back to MIMO, but also to the fact that Amarante is “Creative City of Music”, so classified by UNESCO since 2017. The challenge for artists is the in their productions, addressing the origin / history of musical styles from various continents.
As a novelty for this 3rd edition of “Mimo, my city”, QR codes will be used to make the three-moment script more dynamic and interactive. Named "Search, Listen and Discover Music", the joint script offers the audience the opportunity to interact with the shop windows.

- "Looking for the music" (Artist Joana Torgal) - intervention inspired by the game "Where is Wally?", Which challenges the passerby to find the character of each storefront in a joint drawing with several characters.
Intervention area: Edifício Navarras + Arquinho + Rua 31 de Janeiro
Shops involved: ERA | Foto Navarras | Clicphone | Salão Navarras | Navarras Supermercado | Peba Sport | Hélder Óptica | Unique |Ferreira da Cunha | Unika | Lojinha | Mercearia Costa | Imobiliária S. Gonçalo | Mimos Loja de Presentes | Luxcort | O Moinho | Confeitaria da Ponte | Opticália Amarante.

- "Listen to the music" (artist Margarida José) - presentation of various musical styles of the world along each showcase, with the possibility of listening to a song of the presented style.
Intervention Area: Rua 5 de Outubro + Rua Cândido dos Reis
Shops involved: Aguarela Shoes | Disco Bazar | Padaria Pardal | Maria Amarantina | Nina Jóias | Amarlook | Fernando Pacheco | Pepperoso | Talho Davide | Multiopticas | 703 Concept Store | Café & Duas de Letra | Opticália Amarante | RuAntiga | Auguri | 100 sabores | I love it | Feiratex

- "Discover the music" (artist Beatriz Azevedo) - presentation of characteristic instruments from various countries, challenging the viewer to discover the country of origin through characteristic elements of its culture.
Intervention Area: Rua Cândido dos Reis + Santa Luzia
Shops involved: Sereia | Nébiju | Flores do Pompom | Armazéns Senhorinha | Salão 5 Amigos | Sapataria Carocha 1 | Sapataria Carocha 2 | Livraria Zé | Calce
Moda | Amaranthe Optical Store | Florista Dina | Novélia | Ursa Maior | Livraria Tulipa | Ourivesaria Sousa | Cúpula Store | Equivalenza | CasaBlanca | Lojinha

The action “MIMO my city” is developed by the project RUA - Urban Revitalization of Amarante, whose promoters are the Municipality of Amarante through InvestAmarante; Amarante Business Association and Aventura Marão Clube, through the Youth House, as well as by the more than 50 merchants participating in this action.
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