Castro de Alvarelhos | National Monument

The Castro de Alvarelhos is located in the parishes of Alvarelhos and Guidões connection, in the Serra de Sta. Eufémia, on the right bank of the parish stream. It is a National Monument since 1910. It is protected by a special protection zone of about 130 hectares that exceeds the limits of the Trofa County and extends to the parish Guilhabreu, Vila do Conde municipality, also covering a small plot of Vila do Castêlo da Maia, in Maia County. This perimeter reflects the dimension of this archaeological settlement, placing it among the largest in the Peninsular Northwest. It was occupied from the late Bronze Age to the Middle Ages, keeping material and architectonic remains. The occupation of this roman settlement during the Bronze Age is documented by polished and keeled ceramics, polished stone axes and silex blades, being unknown traces of buildings of that period.
The most significant visit corresponds to an intermediate platform area, where fortified circular structures and the “domus” houses that lay over the buildings from the Iron Age were identified. From the medieval occupation period, the remains of the second Church of Alvarelhos and graves of the same period can still be visited.
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Location: Trofa


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