Pêro de Caminha restaurant

Description / Facilities

The Pêro de Caminha was founded as a restaurant in 1988 and continues under the same management until the present. It is located in the center of Caminha and has available two dining rooms and a pleasant terrace . The menu is vast, and presents a wide variety of salads, pizzas, Italian specialties , fish, meat and homemade desserts. The wooden oven gives a special flavor to their pizzas and roasts. Customers look for their specialties, such as codfish, pizzas, the hake fillets, lasanha and escalope Florentine. They have take away service applicable to the entire menu.
Address: Praça Conselheiro Silva Torres, nº 23, 4910-122 Caminha
E-mail: perodecaminha@sapo.pt
Phone: 258921689


21 to 24 Feb 2020
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06 to 09 Aug 2020


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