Restaurant Sol do Rio

Description / Facilities
The property is located in Paradela do Rio, 21 km from Montalegre Village. A pleasant and privileged location with magnificent views over the landscape of Barroso. In the restaurant you will feel  at home, the hospitality of the owners is recommended.
Specialties – It stands out among the specialties of the Sol do Rio, the piecel of meat in stone that is cooked at the table. The Portuguese stew made of smoked sausage, chicken, pork`s head and feet, “farinheira” (bread and pork meat sausage) potatoes, carrots and cabbage. The roast veal, roast chicken and “feijoada à transmontana” (meat, beans and vegetables stew). The “Barrosã” steak and chop.
For fish dishes suggestions on stuffed codfish that is fried with onions and accompanied by chips. Roast codfish with baked potatoes and boiled hake.
By order you have at your disposal the stewed or roasted wild boar, hare and rabbit and the cooked octopus.
Address: Rua da Estrada 5470 Paradela do Rio
Phone: 276566167
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