Restaurante Sra.Peliteiro" . Restaurante, Atelier Gastronómi

Description / Facilities
The "Sra. Peliteiro" is a multifaceted space. Apart from the restaurant, is also a culinary workshop. Here are made workshops and catering for private parties. For those who wish, Mrs. Peliteiro moves at home. The menu reflects diverse influences, with a common how appealing are presented dishes at both lunch and dinner, as organized in themed dinners. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are reserved for workshops.
Address: Campo de Golfe da Quinta da Barca - Lugar da Barca do Lago . Gemeses - 4740-493 Esposende
Phone: +351 253 966 051
The Fantastic World of Barcelos Rooste

The Fantastic World of Barcelos Rooste

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24 Jul to 13 Sep 2020

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PR5-Fossil clift pedestrian tour

Data SheetRoute name:PR 5 EPS - Pela Arriba FóssilSponsor : Esposende town councilRoute location:Palmeira de Faro, Vila Chã, Marinhas, Mar e BelinhoRoute...
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