Taberna Gracinda

Santo Tirso
Description / Facilities

Typical regional cuisine
Healthy cuisine (special care: salt and sugar + vegetarian dish)
Fresh local products
Typical dish 'roasted veal´
Dessert 'chocolate delight´
Price (PMP) 12€
Reservations advised
Address: Avenida da Boavista, nº 27. 4795-042 Vila das Aves - Santo Tirso
Phone: +351 961 885 371

09 Jul 2022

21 Jan to 28 Aug 2022

The Castle

In the 10th century the Countess Mumadona Dias, ordered the construction of  a monastery in her estates at  Vimaranes .  The constant attacks by Moors and...

Festivities and Pilgrimages

January / February Festivity in Honor of Santo Amaro ? 15th January Pilgrimage São Gonçalo ? Penultimate Sunday January March / April Cidai Easter ? Easter...
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