Aloha Surf & SUP School

Vila do Conde
The Aloha Surf & SUP School was created in 2002, being the first surf school in the area of Vila do Conde and Póvoa de Varzim. This information is confirmed by the Portuguese Federation of Surf, who attests that, in the following year, our school was the first and only one to be federated with the name of Perafinas Surf School. With the appearance of the new modality of Stand Up Paddle, Perafinas felt the need to start a new project, now with the name of Aloha Surf & SUP School.
It was born with the intention of stimulate both Praia Azul and Praia de Azurara (the nearest beachs of Vila do Conde city center), promoting and teaching people to practice sports related with the sea, with the objective of initiating athletes in the activities of Surf, Bodyboard and Stand Up Paddle. The Aloha Surf & SUP School develops its work in two different levels, learning and technical perfectioning, accepting students from all age groups, both genders and with any kind of technical experience (from beginners to competition surfers).
Surfing is one of the most complete and natural experiences known to man. Through surf you can have an unique experience, having your body in harmony with the ocean.
It promotes a healthy life style and an ecological conscience.

The Aloha Surf & SUP School is located in Vila do Conde’s seashore. Its exceptional geographical location confers it a very distinct singularity, as the landscaping diversity, where stands out one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, our Praia Azul, awarded with the blue flag, as a symbol of its environmental quality and safety conditions.
The involving green of the river scenery is a tempting invitation for a Stand Up Paddle ride. In the inspiring blue of the sea we can also find an irresistible appeal to the exercise of water sports, such as Surf.
Motivated by this conditions arose a group of certified professionals ready to accompany you in this adventure.
We have as our primary objective provide you a leisure occupation, in an healthy and safe manner, oriented towards your amusement and familiarity.
Ready for the surprises that we have in store for you?
Test your senses and spirit of adventure!

Long years of our lives dreaming, working, learning, surfing the four corners of the world, with all the love for life and for the sea, passion for the sun and salty skin and now we are here, with the Aloha Surf & SUP School.
Now it’s time to make your dreams come true!
Learn to surf in new conditions, live new adventures, find new spots and make new friends.
We are here to provide you with the best of our experiences and knowledge.
We offer class programs in the modalities of Surf and Stand Up Paddle, as well as tours in several rivers of the portuguese north region, giving you the opportunity to discover and enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes that our country as to offer.
Come visit us and discover a new lifestyle. We are here to provide you beautiful and unforgettable experiences.
Come enjoy with us some amazing sunny days, with great waves, productive classes and SUP trips.
Join us throughout the year, in order to enjoy our in touch with nature activities.
Some great experiences waits you here!
Welcome. Aloha…

Location: Vila do Conde


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