Arte Xávega – Artisanal Fisheries

The art of dragging – Xávega or Xávena – is used in this beach.

The fishing net consists of a finer mesh bag where the fish is trapped. The boat enters the sea, leaving behind on land the tip a cable and, when it is 3 or 4 km from the coast, the net is launched.

After this operation, the fishermen return to earth, bringing other hand cable from the barge. They join the two cables on the ropes and pull with the yoke of oxen or tractors, resembling to agricultural work, if you give rise to the imagination.

Arriving the fishing net to land, the fish is separated and arranged in small lots to be auctioned off, usually accompanied by the harmless curse of our vareiras (seaside women). This picturesque spectacle of the fish sale is made at bids and in such a rushed way that only the auctioneer and the  vareiras understand it.

Our women run to the street, scrolling through the city with canastra  (large basket) on the head and elegant walk, proclaiming with singing...

From Espinho alive!
Sardine of our sea...
Well alive and jumping!
Oh it is so rich to roast...

Location: Espinho
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Restaurante Musaxi

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