Cabeça do Guerreiro


The warrior’s head sculpture, in Vale de Figueira, dates back to the Iron Age.

It is quite difficult to situate this sculpture in an archaeological context, as it is an isolated piece of art embedded in a wall. The head may have belonged to a statue representing a warlord, similar to those found in settlements of this period in history in northern Portugal.  

Today, the sculpture is placed on top of a column in the centre of the village square.

It is a head with a total height of 0.50 m with a maximum width of 0.32 m. The eyes are sunken and nose burned. The mouth was born of a low relief. On one side, and the level of the mouth, there is a depression.

The neck has a width of 0.16 m and a height and 0.10 m. The skull has a diameter of 0.23 m.

A piece of singular importance and beauty and deserves a fair hearing.

Location: Tabuaço
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