Camilo Castelo Branco House

Vila do Conde

Considered the greatest prose writer and novelist Portuguese from the nineteenth century, Camilo is still one wrapped name in the mythical aura of their troubled personal life. The Camillian cult has among the Portuguese, particularly, fervent militants, also extending the seduction exercised by man and work, to so many who, even in brief incursions, did not resist to the appeal of his characters and his storylines novelistic and dramatic.

Its experiential journey made him travelling across different locations. Vila do Conde was one of the land in which he lived, accepting the suggestion of the doctor “Vilacondense” Bento Freitas Soares, who advised him the sea air as a palliative to their nervous breakdowns. Between the years 1870-1871, occupies a small house in the Old Market Square. During his stay he write the theatre play The Condemned, based on the real tragedy with his friend Vieira de Castro and, at the time, was public comment object. In the title “o Filha do Arcediago”, he returns, as his style, using the reality, romanticizing it. The Inn “Casal de Pedro”, in the parish of Junqueira, have served as a backdrop for the troubled night, which begins with the attack inflicted by the 'enormous and ferocious fleas, dragging the passengers' socks', and ends with incredible effort of the arrest of Augusto Leite, one of the characters in the novel. Junqueira is a parish of Vila do Conde municipality and the house where the Inn functioned still exists.


Location: Vila do Conde


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