Capela do Cruzeiro

Peso da Régua

Built in 1747 on what was left of a temple attributed to the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, it was intended to serve as main church of the then São Faustino da Régua parish. Due to the lack of masons, whose majority had been deployed to the construction of the convent of Mafra, and constant river floods, a more modest, artistically simple temple was built instead, whose highlight is the Ionic main altar. On the outside, there's a small roofed structure that houses the stone cross of Senhor da Agonia which, with its plain architecture, emphasises the chapel's simplicity. On top of the chapel, two statues of Roman soldiers prevail: one with a weight and the other with a ruler.
Rua João de Lemos, Peso da Régua

Location: Peso da Régua
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