Casa de Julio - Saúl Days

Vila do Conde

Saúl Dias is the pseudonym with which Julio Maria dos Reis Pereira signed his poems. Imposing itself more by painting than poetry, Julio Maria dos Reis Pereira was born in Vila do Conde on 1 November 1902. He graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Porto, where he also attended the Superior School of Fine Arts.

Between 1936 and 1972 he goes to live in Évora, to where he is sent, as an engineer in the

 “ Direção dos Edifícios do Sul” (City's South buildings).

He was a frequent contributor to the presence magazine, founded by his brother, the writer Jose Regio, being responsible for the different graphics that he presented during its publication. He also published many of his drawings and poems.

He began his oil painting works in 1932, and exposed for the first time in 1930, in the 1st Salon of Independent in Lisbon.

He  published 6 titles of poetry: “Mais e Mais..., Tanto, Ainda, Sangue, Essência e Vislumbre”.
Its pictorial work can not be separated from his poetry: the ingenuity, the stroke purity, the bucolic poetry, the strong and clear colours, pass through the two languages that he found to convey their messages.

He died on January 17, 1983, in Vila do Conde.


Location: Vila do Conde
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