Castro de S. Caetano – Pre-Romam Settlement of S. Caetano

The fertile land in Minho Valley have always been coveted by several people who passed through here. The Pre-Roman settlement of S. Caetano is one of many protohistoric fortified settlements where you can witness the remote occupation of this territory. Located in a flat knoll on the top of hill S. Caetano, about 330 meters high, close to  Ribeira da Silva, it was occupied in the Iron Age and later by the Romans. However, it’s name is more recent because it is near the Chapel of S. Caetano, a monument built between the XVII and XVIII centuries. The former “castrejo” core which is very difficult to find nowadays – was built by  round  or quadrangle houses, some of which with vestibules or walled courtyards. To bind the whole assembly there was a construction of three walls. Here a vast archaeological collection was found with pieces of Indigenous pottery of Roman import, as the "amphora" and "sigillata", as well as building materials fragments, as “tegulas” and "ímbrex”. Apart from its archaeological interest, its privileged position - which was formerly seen as an asset for its own defense - currently grace us with superb views over the Minho Valley.

Location: Monção
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