Detours - Best Fish Experience

The Portuguese coast is a true paradise for fish lovers. Enjoy the Best Fish Experience and learn the process leading the best fish from the ocean to the table! Begin your day watching the arrival of the fishermen´s boats to the beach and enjoy the catch of the day! These ocal fishermen who venture into the sea every day with extreme persistence and bravery. The day continues with a visit to a fish market, where we can observe the trade between the fishermen and the sellers. Once the best fish has been chosen, it is sold to final customers who negotiate with the fishmongers in search of the best possible price. Late in the morning you will visit a high quality cannery that uses traditional methods and highly experienced workmanship to ensure the best taste! Located in Matosinhos, this old cannery factory has almost 100 years of history. Finish our activity with a delicious lunch at a local fish restaurant where you can feast on the freshest fish of the best quality that only Matosinhos has to offer.

Location: Matosinhos
Moov Hotel Porto Norte

Moov Hotel Porto Norte

The Moov Hotel Porto Norte is the first Moov hotel designed and built for the new Moov brand....
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