Eccentric Jogging Experience


For the running lovers that visit Porto, we designed these experiences that combine the best of two worlds. A guided visit through the city, made at the jogging pace, for you to exercise your fit and discover the city at the same time. With three difficult levels prepared for you to choose the one that suits better your current fitness, always oriented by a professional personal trainer that, besides directing your run, with warm up exercises in the beginning and stretching exercises at the end, will give you some information about the places that you pass by.

Eccentric jogging 1
“Jogging towards the sea” – Low intensity – 8 km jogging made by the river quay, in a flat area, where you are going to run towards the clean waters of the Atlantic ocean, during this experience you are going to enjoy an amazing scenery and pass by a characteristic fishing village where you’ll see the ladies washing there clothes in a community water tank, and the men, preparing the fishing day while they talk about the last soccer weekend. If the weather and the sea conditions allow how about, concluding this experience with a dive into the fresh sea waters.

Eccentric jogging 2
“Jogging between parks and gardens” – Medium Intensity – 11 km jogging with a stunning and inspiring scenery, we prepared the best itinerary, for runners with a reasonable shape , where you are going to enjoy the most beautiful parks and gardens of the city of Porto. If the weather allows it, how about a dive into the sea and a healthy brunch to recharge your energy.

Eccentric jogging 3
“Jogging through the Historical Centre” – High intensity – 9 km jogging trough the historical centre, for experienced runners, in a hilly terrain where, besides passing through some of the most emblematic monuments of the city of Porto, you are also going to discover some of the most romantic gardens of the city. In the end you’ll have a healthy brunch to recharge your energy.

Self Made Jogging
The only imposition of this experience is a briefing with our personal trainer where you are going to choose with his help, an itinerary according to your fitness and interests. In the end you´ll have an healthy brunch to recharge your energy

Location: Porto
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