Environmental Education Center

Vale de Cambra
Environmental Education Center

The Environmental Education Center of Vale de Cambra is intended to be an infrastructure of excellence for the practice of environmental education in the county. It is a useful tool for the dissemination of the acquisition of knowledge related to the environmental protection, contributing to a more active role in reducing waste and to the adoption of healthier lifestyles.
The Environmmental Center allows the population itself to participate in the process of the environmental quality, which will have a multiplier effect by training the agents that promote a new environmental perception and attitude.

The main objectives of the Centre are:
• to promote the contact between citizens and environment , essentially the practice of composting;
• to provide tools to acquire knowledge for home composting/vermicomposting/organic farming;
• to promote the public interest by the recycling of organic wastes;
• to provide the public the contact with the land and organic farming;
• to facilitate the contact and the intergenerational knowledge;
• to potentiate the practice of composting and biological agiculture at home, in schools, in institutions;
• to sensitize the public of the necessity for the changings of behavior concerning the environment respect;
• to organize activities, allow ing meetings with environmental experts and technicians.

Location: Vale de Cambra
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