Escadório da Paixão Cambeses Belvedere

Commonly known as "Os Calvários", this staircase, allusive to the Passion of Christ, is one of the most attractive points of interest in Cambeses.

Adorned with seven chapels from the XIX century, each one has within full size images, making reference to the various stages of the Passion of Christ. The stairway is crowned at the top with the Chapel of Bom Jesus. These images belonged to the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Braga. Here it happens one of the most significant and ancient processions of the Archdioceses of Braga.

This belvedere holds about 171 meters high.

Location: Barcelos
Frigideiras do Cantinho

Frigideiras do Cantinho

House founded at the end  of the eighteenth century, to make the famous "Frigideiras"(meat pie)....
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