Estação Arqueológica de Perrelos

Vila Nova de Famalicão
The Archaeological Station of Perrelos - the locality of Delães covers a whole area whose centre may be developed by the geodesic landmark of St. Miguel (Altitude 291m) and extends to the dimension of the area. Administratively, it belongs to the parishes of Ruivães and Delães.

Includes to date, a medieval necropolis, partially excavated, a urn Roman villa with ongoing research, and a settlement of the iron-age settlement with possible previous occupation.

Its discovery resulted from a geo-resistivity study that falls within the project of the Archaeological County Charter. Emergency excavations carried out between 1994 and 1996, allowed the exposure of 54 tombs. These are characterised by being covered by large slabs and the burial box or directly on the rock excavated from anthropomorphic form, or enclosed by granite stones, featuring an urn shape that varies between the trapezoidal rectangle and anthropomorphic. Their typology allows to date them to the 9th
and 13th centuries.

Given the geographical location of Vila Nova de Famalicão municipality, since the early days this has been a privileged area by several studies that were being conducted by the pioneers of Portuguese archaeologists.

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Location: Vila Nova de Famalicão
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