Fafe Monument to Justice

The Monument to Justice, by Eduardo Tavares, was inaugurated in 1981. It consists of a statue of a man hitting another man with a stick. It was placed at the back of the Fafe Court House, suggesting that when justice fails, popular justice comes into play. The symbol “Fafe Justice” represents characterises the city. For many people, Fafe is the “Land of Justice” and, consequently, “Com Fafe Ninguém Fanfe”, or to put it simply, in Fafe nobody plays around. According to the elders, the legend goes back to the time when in the royal courts a Viscount of Moreira de Rei was late for a session. When he finally arrived, a nobleman thought he was a villain and insulted him. At first, the Viscount ignored the insults, but at the end of the session the nobleman continued to reproach him and threw his loves at his face. The offended Viscount had to choose his weapons and when everyone expected him to choose a sword or a gun, as it was usual at the time, the Viscount arrived at the scene of the fight armed with two strong wooden sticks.
The nobleman didn’t know how to use such coarse weapons, but the Viscount was an expert in handling the wooden sticks, a traditional game in this region, and he beat his opponent. Everyone burst out laughing and cried out that it was the “Fafe Justice” working.

Location: Fafe
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