Felgueiras Business Travel Guide

Entrepreneurship, art, ingenuity, innovation and work!

With values such as passion, integrity and respect, we create unique, fascinating and cosmopolitan shoes. We work as a team with young designers, creative visionaries who absorb all the information and translate it into products that are distinctive, innovative and bursting with life and joy in a world full of colours!

This is Felmini©. This is joy, a state of mind, an attitude that strives for the happiness of women with a youthful heart.

Field of activity: footwear

Own brands: Felmini

Visits: From Monday to Friday

Pre-Booking: 8 days

Number of visitors: Minimum 4, maximum 10

Minimum age: N/A

Accessibility for the disabled: yes. Mention in pre-booking

Languages: Portuguese

Direct-to-consumer shop: Yes

Showroom: Yes

Location: Felgueiras
Quinta Lama de Cima

Quinta Lama de Cima

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Restaurant of Hotel Albano

Restaurant of Hotel Albano

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Adega Popular

Adega Popular

The cuisine in the council of Fafe is enjoyed by locals and visitors. Restaurant Adega Popular...
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