Fojo Mills Trail (Percurso Moinhos de Fojo)

Santo Tirso
General Description

This trail extends by the parish of São Tomé de Negrelos and is characterized by the influence of Ribeira do Fojo (Fojo Stream), which has moved about twenty water mills and one oil mill.
The route starts next to the nursery school, near the parish church, and ends in the same church. It runs through part of the Ribeira do Fojo until  the Bustelo stone quarries, running up to the Coutada Mountain and from here gently goes down allowing a superb view of the Rivers Ave and Vizela and São Tomé de Negrelos village. It takes the direction of a fortified settlement located in a small elevation north of São Tomé de Negrelos named Castro de Santa Margarida, procceding to the church, where it ends. São Tomé de Negrelos was once a village and enclosure, having belonged to the Municipality of Negrelos, which, after being extinguished, was integrated in Santo Tirso County.
It is worth visiting the Parish Church, the Santíssimo Sacramento Chapel with a XVI century “loggia” unique in the region. The farms with their own wine production also deserve a visit.

Small Route 5 ST (Moinhos do Fojo)

Duration/Distance -  4 / 5 hours – 10 km
Difficulty - Moderate
Advised season - autumn; Winter; Spring
Location - Negrelos, Roriz
Starting /Arrival - Negrelos (Church)
Points of interest:
Negrelos - Parish Church, Santíssimo Sacramento Chapel,
Manor Houses of Vilela (Casa do Paço and Casa de Leiras), Coutada, Ribeira do Fojo, Castro de Santa Margarida, Pedreiras de Bustelo, Moinhos da Ribeira do Fojo.

Accessibility: EN 105 and A3
General information:
City Hall - Tel: 252830400 Fax: 252856534

Location: Santo Tirso
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