Gastronomia do Porto (Oporto Gastronomy)

The gastronomy of Oporto is the mirror of its cultural richness. There are several stories associated with the legends that were told from generation to generation that nowadays complete the customs of the city people. Among the most famous is the typical cuisine. The typical cuisine of Oporto is characterized both by its unique taste and by the particularity of its confection.

Tripas à moda do Porto (Tripes Oporto Manner):

The dish “tripas” gave to the city`s inhabitants its name “Tripeiros”.

The legend says that, in the XV century, when the Infant D. Henrique left from Oporto to conquer the city of Ceuta, the altruist people offered all the meat to the troops, only the tripes remaining. However, the people`s irreverence allowed to vanish such adversity: the tripes were stewed making possible this tasty traditional dish.

Bacalhau à Gomes Sá (Gomes Sá Codfish Manner):

“João, if anything changes, it is no longer good”, said Gomes Sá when he gave the original recipe to his friend in the late XIX century. This gastronome from Oporto immortalized the way to prepare this so tasty codfish dish, which is made with the same ingredients as “bolinhos de bacalhau”.


It was in 1952 that Daniel Silva created this dish, combining the French snack concept with a hot sauce of his own. The name “francesinha” was given in honor of “the hottest woman” he knew which was the French one.  The secret of this dish is the sauce that covers the sandwich of meat and sausages, which is a truly temptation. This delicacy can be appreciated in most of the restaurants and cafes of the city.  

Contemporary cuisine:

The traditional cuisine is not all in Oporto. The city is also a showcase of sophisticated cuisine made by renowned international Chefs. Try it yourself and you will be surprised!

Location: Porto
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