Granitic Markings – “Vilarandelo”


Located in the “Vilarandelo” Parish, these markings integrate a set of other examples of the same typology made in granite and classified in 1946 as "Immovable of Public Interest", characterizing an important part of all wine-growing region of the Alto Douro inscribed in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage under the generic name of "Alto Douro Vinhateiro” (Alto Douro Wine-growing).

It was with the "Methuen Treaty", celebrated in 1703 between Portugal and England, the wine began to obtain the projection array that it reached since then, namely to penetrate the demanding and restrictive British market, which would then count with the Portuguese wines. The enormous success achieved with this measure stimulated, notoriously, the producers, to proceed, back in the 18th century, to an extensive restructuring of the vineyards, choosing the land of the “Cima Corgo”, where the wine obtained, adjusted gradually to the culinary traditions of the British Isles. It was essentially since then that a large transformation occurred in the surrounding landscape, adapting the economic needs of an entire country. But by submitting it to such alterations, the domain of the vineyard area, gave birth to an overproductive crisis, only surpassed by the creation, in 1756, of the "Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro” (General Company of Agriculture of the Upper Douro Vineyards) through the initiative of the future Marquis of Pombal (1699-1782) through which was intended to ensure the wine quality, the price and the demarcation of the wine region. And it was under this last measure that the following year, in 1757, was proceeded to 201 placement marks of manufacture with the intention to prolong this first major demarcation, extending it to four years later, with the establishment of 134 more marks. Executed in granite; it is on the smooth face of these flattened parallelepiped elements, paths oriented, which could be read, the designation "Feitoria 1758" or "1761 Feitoria" which distinguished the exportable wines.

Location: Valpaços
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Avenida, Café - Restaurante - Residencial

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