Handicrafts Dynamization Center

Vila Verde
The ‘Aliança Artesanal’ (Handicraft Association) emerged aiming to support the initiatives of individual artisans, craft or cooperative centres, with a view to preserving the cultural and heritage value of quality craftsmanship and thus create conditions to support the increase in family income or the creation of new jobs, highlighting the work done around the ‘Lenço de Namorados’ (Valentine Handkerchiefs). In this sense, the Valentine Handkerchiefs represent ways of being done with simplicity, where the colours, the misspellings, simple messages, but of deep purity, mark the creativity and knowledge of women. They are testimony to traditional art and culture of Vila Verde of other times.  Visiting the Handicraft Association is making a trip through the trails of love! Here you can make your handkerchief square or simply touch them and let the sensations contained in these embroideries flow, formerly made girls in-love. Also installed here from the beginning of 2015, is the ‘Espaço Namorar Portugal” (Portugal Lovers’ Space), exhibitions space and sales of products inspired on the Valentine Handkerchiefs, with the hallmark ‘Namorar Portugal’ (Portugal Lovers).

Location: Vila Verde
Restaurant Palácio

Restaurant Palácio

The "Palácio" Restaurant is located in the center of Vila Verde. Specialities: Codfish, Octopus...
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