Immersive Journey in the Planetarium / Multimedia Centre

If you get a chance, be sure to visit the Espinho Planetarium.

With a new digital projection system of high resolution, which allows a projection to 360º, completely surrounds the spectator with image, a true immersive experience, making the Planetarium an even more effective and attractive equipment, giving it, simultaneously, a tremendous flexibility.

The entire Planetarium’s dome is filled with moving images in high resolution, contrast and brightness. It allows projecting ready-made contents (movies), as well as image generated in real time, thanks to the simulator that integrates, which will allow us to take a journey in our Universe.

To follow the movement of a planet, to travel the Earth, through the solar system, to meet a comet, to travel outside our galaxy and look at its structure, are some examples of what we can observe.

It is available a daily schedule of sessions for all ages. There are special programs for schools.

Experience it!

Location: Espinho

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