Interactive Tourism Office

Oliveira de Azeméis

The Interactive Tourism Office is a networking model of promotion and dissemination of all areas of the Porto and North of Portugal, having a set of technological valencies that will transform it in a recreational, educational and information space, through its interactive component.
In the field of technology, this new infrastructure is equipped with a virtual promoter: TOMI, a multi-touch interactive table and a reception and tourist working service.
It should also be emphasized that these devices operate on a platform that provides the set of all local tourist information, segmented by tourist product and complementary means (accommodation and catering industry), in order to correspond to the needs of the users, regardless their motivation or their interest for the trip.

Location: Oliveira de Azeméis


With a history of nearly half a century of bakery / pastry, the Preval decided to widen its ...
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Specialties: Mexican food, Francesinha (sandwich maqde with fillet steak, ham and smoked sausage...
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