Interpretive Center of the Cultural Heritage of Vila Verde

Vila Verde
The Interpretive Center of Cultural Heritage in Vila Verde installed since April 2013, in the Pilgrim Hostel S. Pedro de Goães is a place of excellence to publicize and promote to all those who pass by on the their way to Santiago de Compostela, the rich cultural natural, tangible and intangible heritage, the municipality of Vila Verde possesses.

The history of the municipality, festivals, fairs and pilgrimages, handicrafts, gastronomy, great cultural events – ‘Namorar’ (Loving) Portugal, Sa de Miranda passing Vila Verde land, Cinquecentist Fair, Official Municipal St. Anthony’s Festivities, International Biennale of Young Art and The Harvest Festival. The listed heritage, Public Interest Heritage and National Monuments.

The natural heritage especially to the Neiva River, with reference to Francisco de Sá Miranda, these lands lived tagged by his friends as "The Neiva Poet" and various historical and social references to the river.

The stretch of the ‘Caminho de Santiago’ in Vila Verde, are some of the themes illustrated by the exhibited panels at the Interpretive Center of Cultural Heritage of Vila Verde.

Given the large number of foreign pilgrims who stay over at the hostel, the Interpretive Center thereby offers the diverse information in English.

This space is also open to all the people who want to visit, upon request by prior appointment.

Location: Vila Verde
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