Memory Model

Vila do Conde

The Memory Model aims to point out that the 8 July 1832 turned a page in the history of Portugal, which began with the attempted landing of the troops of D. Pedro in Vila do Conde, because Sá Nogueira, who later earned the title of Sá da Bandeira Marquis, did not accomplish the accession of Brigadier Cardoso de Menezes, seconded to, the São João Baptista Fort, to prevent the landing. Thus, when the attempt failed, no other alternative was left to the squad of D. Pedro other than to go south. Mindelo or Pampelido? It is certain that more than six dozen vessels formed a long line parallel to the coast, at the front of the "pine forests in Mindelo which started in Azurara and ended in Oporto." And it is true that the seven thousand and five hundred men who composed the liberation army would be then known as "The Mindelo Braves”.

Location: Vila do Conde


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