Mountain Villages

Mondim de Basto

Villages of granite and stem suspended in cotton clouds; shale and slate villages encrusted in the canyons of the mountains. Things simpler and more authentic life here ... flax and rye, cattle, shepherds and flocks, landscapes to lose sight, the beauty of clear days in the reflections of "truteiros" (trout farm) rivers.

The original silence!

A stroll through the mountain villages some of them inserted in the Alvão Natural Park, can be revealed as a program that will never forget.

Villages you should not miss: 

- Travassos Village - recently recovered and classified as "Villages of Portugal"
- Village of Anta
- Village of Bobal
- Lamas de Olo village
- Barreiro Villages
- Village of Fervença
- Village of Varzigueto
- Village of Ermelo
- Village of Pardelhas
- Village of Campanhó
- Village of Tejão

Location: Mondim de Basto

House dating from the end of the sec. XIX, which benefits from a privileged central location,...
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Casa do Rodrigo

Casa do Rodrigo

RNAL REG. Nº 56172/ALApartment in the center of the village of Mondim de Basto, 3 bedrooms, 2...
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Adega Regional Casa da Caínha

Adega Regional Casa da Caínha

A small cozy space where the traditional flavours make the dishes we serve.In winter, the...
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Restaurante Sabores do Alvão

Restaurante Sabores do Alvão

The "Sabores do Alvão" Restaurant is located in Ermelo parish. Rest day: None Capacity: 70 people
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