Municial Swimming Pool of Vila de Prado

Vila Verde
The Municipal Swimming Pool in Vila de Prado is a sports infrastructure for learning swimming and recreation, and water aerobics, equipped with professionals who provide well-being and the necessary motivation to practice exercise.


Considered one of the most complete physical exercises, swimming is one of the modes present in our pool. Come and learn how to swim, improve your technique or just simply relax.


This activity is intended for all children from 6 months to 48 months, without any restriction, since the child's Paediatrician doctor ensures that the child is able to get into a class of adaptation to the aquatic environment.

It’s an exercise class held in the aquatic environment. The water pressure is taken as a reduction of the action of gravity, therefore reducing the risk of injury to people with any restrictions on the exercise of vertical overload (back pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, etc.). The resistance offered by the water is the overload of the exercises. Aimed at strengthening of muscles, cardiovascular and respiratory.


Aquatic therapy is beneficial when you want little or no weight support when there is inflammation, pain, contraction and muscle spasm, as well as limiting the variety of movements, which may individually or jointly reduce the normal function. This type of therapy is also an option for anyone who is unable to perform exercises on the ground due to recent surgery, acute neuromuscular or orthopaedic injuries, rheumatologic disease or neurological disabilities. The water provides a controllable environment for the rehabilitation of weakened muscles and skills development.

Location: Vila Verde
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