Municipal Auditorium - Santa Marta de Penaguião

Santa Marta de Penaguião
The Municipal Auditorium of Santa Marta de Penaguião was open on November 2, 2003 and is a multi-purpose space, which has an amphitheater with a capacity of 216 seats and a gallery for exhibitions. With optimal acoustics is equipped with sound equipment, image and multimedia features tailored to the requirements of modern times. It is located in the town centre, and is easily accessible, it is reasonably equipped to carry out a diverse range of cultural initiatives in its various valences.
With this infrastructure is intended to lead to extensive range effect cultural initiatives, in order to "meet the different sensitivities and the aim of creating new audiences." The cinema and the music have a prominent place, from chamber music concerts and light orchestras to popular songs, through fado and guitars of Coimbra. The theatre is another of the initiatives also passing through the plastic expressions. The potentialities of this area are also taken advantage by the educational institutions that, over the years carry out a set of achievements, particularly in the area of drama.

Location: Santa Marta de Penaguião
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