Municipal Library of Viera do Minho

Vieira do Minho
Amongst the objectives of the Municipal Library, is the promoting of reading and to attract new public, as well as creating the structures leading to the implementation of a network of school libraries in the municipality of Vieira do Minho.

This space, designed to accommodate users of diverse profiles and with different activities, offers a reading lounge for adults, a children's reading room and even an independent space especially designed children's animation activities, such as story time.

There is also a large living room for group activities, whether by the performance of work, study or any eventual Trainings or Meetings.

An auditorium designed for several activities such as: presentation of books, lectures, conferences, among others. Currently enables small groups, children and young people to watch one of the existing Estate Library Dvds.

Privileged surrounding space, where you can grab a cup of coffee, have lunch or read the newspaper, a magazine or a book, in the warmer months of the year.

In this library can be consulted the works under free access to bookshelves. The works are arranged by subjects of Universal Decimal Classification (CDU).

Available to the user, are computers with access to various sources of information available on the Internet. This space is equipped with wireless network, the user may bring his personal computer and freely make use of internet.


Monday – Friday from 9h00 am until 6h00 pm

Saturday from 9h00 until 1h00 pm

Location: Vieira do Minho
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