Old Town

Mondim de Basto
In the 16th century “Rua Velha” (the Old Road) would have been the main route through the town with roads leading out in three directions: to Ermelo (via “rua da Viacova”), to Vilar de Ferreiros and Bilhó (via “rua do Cavalo”) and to Atei (via the flag-stone path and the “rua do Eiro”).

The road , which runs east to west, links the square in front of the chapel (built in 1587) to the present day Town Square. It is lined with two-storey buildings built from local granite. Several of the buildings have boast stone balconies, supported by two or three brackets,with wrought-iron railings which are clearly of 16th century design. Two 17th Century manor houses, the Solar dos Azevedos and Casa do Eiro, stand out at the end of the road.

Location: Mondim de Basto
Mondim Hotel & SPA

Mondim Hotel & SPA

Mondim Hotel & SPA is set in the center of the village of Mondim de Basto and offers access to...
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