Parque de Merendas dos 4 Caminhos (Lunch/Picnic Park)

A stopover at the Picnic Park of the "Quatro Caminhos” (Four ways), in Bouro Santa Marta, invites you to a picnic with family or with friends, as well as enjoying the landscape glimpsed on the horizon. 

From some of the highest points of Amares, we can take advantage of the landscape which is beautiful. The Picnic Park of “Quatro Caminhos” (Four Paths) has good conditions for providing pleasant moments for a picnic, with family or friends. This Park is situated in a vast forest area that divides the municipality of Amares from the municipality of Terras de Bouro. 

In the months when it gets far too hot, this place is ideal for those looking for a meal in harmony with nature, with some infrastructure support for the effect.

Location: Amares
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