Peneda Gerês National Park - Ponte da Barca

Ponte da Barca
Parque Nacional da Peneda Gerês – Ponte da Barca (Penega Gerês National Park – Ponte da Barca)

Classified as National Park in 1971, the Peneda Gerês National Park covers a mountainous area of the Portuguese Northwest, about 72,000 hectares. In the county of Ponte da Barca takes place the Serra Amarela, with the belvedere of Louriça,1362 meters high and one of the highest of Portugal, and Mata de Cabril (Wood of Cabril), a full reserve of the National Park. The Peneda Gerês National Park is the only one classified in Portugal because of its rare and impressive natural beauty, ecological value, variety of wild life (deer, wild horses, wolves…) and flora (yews, chestnuts, oaks…) assuming itself as one of the greatest nature attractions of Portugal. 

Location: Ponte da Barca
Jaime Gomes

Jaime Gomes

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