Percurso da Mesa dos Quatro Abades

Ponte de Lima
Type of circuit : Short Route
Location: Ponte de Lima - The starting point is Vacariça in Refóios of Lima. Exit in the EN, in the way to Arcos de Valdevez, and out of town comes a place where you can see Garranos(litle horses). Follow up to the Lagoa de Salgueiros dos Gordos and then to the Mesa dos Quatro Abades, a place of reuinion to four parishes limianos. Follows the Miradouro da Vacariça and return to the starting point.
Theme of the course: Cultural-Landscape
Distance: 11.3 km
Duration: 5 hours
Level of difficulty: Moderate

Location: Ponte de Lima
Pizzaria Lagoa Azul Restaurant

Pizzaria Lagoa Azul Restaurant

Monday to Sunday from 7:30am to 10pm.Specialties: Cabrito, Vitela and Bacalhau (besides pizzas).
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Mercearia da Vila

Mercearia da Vila

Entering in Mercearia da Vila is like going back to the past. A centenary grocery store inspired...
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