Pillory of Leomil

Moimenta da Beira
Leomil is an age-old tradition land, whose origins are confounded with those of its own kingdom, here we can find a robust and imposing pillory. The footstool from where emerges the column with different aspects consists of four steps octagons with edge list and frame face. Iron clamps support the stones of the second and third steps. Thus is sustained the heavy column extending inferiorly within the footstool. The platform has 30cm height and the other steps 35cm, each one.

The shaft monolith in basic way, rises in an octagonal section framed by the section of the steps and measures 75cm high and 35cm wide. In the singleness of its naked plans, the whole shaft measures about 4 meters high.

The finial is made under the cage style, on the octagonal dome rests an armillary sphere in stone with four vertical fluting, typically Manueline. To crown the set, a cross of Christ in bronze. On the aforesaid sphere is still observed four metal parts in the shape of half an orange, having one of them a concavity   up and the other three down.

Location: Moimenta da Beira
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