Post Scriptum Brewery

Pedro Sousa started brewing beer at home when he was 14 years old. Some years later, after many experiments, travel and study, he made a traineeship about beer production, in Germany.
With 20 years accumulating experience and having been in the genesis of other microbrewery projects (Spain and Portugal), he created his own project, which would add something new to the existing market: Post Scriptum Brewery, Lda.

With the accuracy and security that the experience brought, he created two brands for two distinct publics:
- Ora et Labora (Latin for "pray and work" which is the motto of the Benedictine Order, brewing by tradition), is a conservative brand that offers Belgian classic products for the most demanding and connoisseur consumers, chasing the Belgian beers;
- By Pedro Sousa (signature mark), aims to bring new vibrant and full of flavor beers, dressing with well-designed labels and attractive to young people. It is a visually and taste revolutionary brand.

Although the sale of its products is ensured by distributors, the company also provides brewing workshops for beginners and advanced, guided beer tasting, consulting, etc.

Location: Trofa
Restaurante Forninho da Avenida

Restaurante Forninho da Avenida

Closed on SundaysDay`s Special: average price per person 5 €
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Restaurante Pintor Pobre

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