PR-4 EPS Hiking Trail: Azenhas de Antas Trail

Route name: Azenhas de Antas Trail-(watermills trail)

Sponsor: Antas parish in partnership with  ADA  Neiva River

Route location- Antas and Belinho parishes

Route Type: Small route/circular

Route Scope:: Landscape/cultural

Point of departure/arrival: Picnic area of Azevedo

Length of route :12,4km

Time required:4h30 minutes

Level of difficulty: easy

Minimum elevation:15 metres (Neiva river mouth)

Maximum elevation: 130 metres(Menir of Antas)

Points of interest : Chapels of S. Cristovão, S. Tecla, and S. João, watermills, ancient mills and  sawmills. Menir and Castro, alminhas, cruises and parochial church., Neiva river, river  beach, dunes and estuary Neiva


Location: Esposende
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Casa do Souto

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Girassol Restaurant

Girassol Restaurant

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