Quintas e Parques Trail

Santo Tirso

General description

The PR 8 ST is a round trail connecting all the urban parks of Santo Tirso city, having as river Ave as reference.

Santo Tirso every two years receives five renowned sculptors for the Simpósio Internacional de Escultura (International Sculpture Symposium) who create, for the county, works of art to place with the existing ones in several locations of the city.
Made from the most diverse materials - such as the typical granite of the region, steel, marble or iron - the sculptures are part of an outdoor exhibition that include unpublished works of art, providing to the public enjoyment of the works, which turn green spaces into conversation spaces, establishing a privileged and intimate relationship between sculpture, the environment and its audience. This can be the starting point for a tour on nowadays Santo Tirso, promoted by the City Hall, under the national Alberto Carneiro and the international Gérard Xuriguera artistic direction.

The Parque D. Maria II and the adjacent Gardens - Largo Abade Pedrosa and Miranda Ribeiro Gardens are, as a whole, public green spaces in the city of Santo Tirso.

The purpose of this space is to improve the communication with the central organs of the municipality such as the commercial trade and the potentialities of the landscape.

A Tea House, a pond and a bandstand are part of this space.

The D. Maria II Park is a privileged space for daily use, having natural and opulent vegetation.

The Parque Urbano da Rabada - is part of an area of 96,274 m2. - being based on a forest of oak and cork trees, overlooking the River Ave.

The main objective is to enhance the existing natural features that allow to enjoy the green spaces which are integrated in the Green Urban Structure and the Recovery Plan of the River Ave Banks creating infrastructure and facilities.
The program is based on the revitalization of the space by creating pedestrian paths and leisure areas.

We leave the other points of interest at the mercy of the visitors curiosity.

Other information:

Type: round small route

Distance / Duration: 9 km – 3 Hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Environmental, Landscape, Cultural, Sportif
Advised season: All year
Location: Santo Tirso, Burgães
Starting / Arrival: Câmara Municipal; Parque Urbano da Rabada
Points of Interest: Santo Tirso – Jardins e Parques da Cidade de Santo Tirso; Museu Internacional de Escultura Contemporânea; Igreja Matriz; Escola Profissional Agrícola Conde de S. Bento; Parque Desportivo Municipal; Parque do Ribeiro do Matadouro; Burgães – Parque Urbano da Rabada; Quinta da Cerdeira; Quinta da Cerqueda;
Accessibility: EN 105, A3, A41
General Information: City Hall – Tel: 252830400 Fax: 252856534


Voluntary Fire Brigade of Santo Tirso 252 852 491

Voluntary Fire Brigade Tirsenses 252 830 500

PSP 252 851 635

GNR 252 808 250

Location: Santo Tirso
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