Royal Customs House - Naval Construction Museum

Vila do Conde

Naval Construction Museum is located on the Cais da Alfândega Street, in the heart of the Vila do Conde riverside area, where, formerly, vilacondense shipyward work occurred. Dating towards the end of the fifteenth century, the building suffered successive extensions to meet the needs dictated by the intense traffic that it experienced during the eighteenth century. 
The permanent exhibition open to the public, assumes three parts that reflect the function of the Museum: the Portuguese Navigation in particular one that has its origin and destination in Vila do Conde, the history of the Royal Customs, their operation, officers and clearance products, and simultaneously the history of naval construction, types of boats built in Vila do Conde and their construction techniques and processes used in wooden shipbuilding.
 In the recovery draft of the Royal Customs and Museum dedicated to the tradition of naval construction in Vila do Conde, the construction of a ship replica is a valuable addition. Besides an important element of leisure and tourist attraction, it has a pedagogical function, therefore, built with the greatest respect for the scientific responsibility of Admiral Rogério de Oliveira, it incorporates the ancient knowledge of the carpenters and starrers in the vilacondense yards.

Location: Vila do Conde
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