Sparkling wine Museum of Casa do Paço de Dalvares

Since it is located in the Valley of Varosa, first demarcated region of sparkling wine from Portugal, and traditionally rooted in the sparkling  production process, in the Casa do Paço de Dalvares you can visit the Sparkling Wine Museum, which assets reflects the whole craft process of their manufacture, from the harvest to the final product.

It is in the mill, existing in Casa do Paço, where start all the sparkling  design process. The grapes are placed in the winepress and trodden. The wine after squeezed passes to the small press.

Subsequently, the pumping pumps the wine from the small press to a filtering in which the wine is filtered and pumped to the casks, where it remains for 7 to 8 months, until the first fermentation.

After this process, the sparkling passes through the bottles filling for bottling, being added to each bottle yeast and sugar cane. Then the bottles are placed in the basement, where it gives the second fermentation.
The shampooing process is completed after the first six months, time at when each bottle has already 7 kg of pressure. Then the bottles go to the shelves where it is made the remuage

In this process, the bottles are turned every day, ¼ or 1/8 turn, for 15 days, so that the impurities descend to the capsule. Then they are removed and placed in the tip, so that the impurities are not mixed with the sparkling wine.

It started the disgorging à la volée, a secular tradition made according to the  monks, that is, the withdrawal of the capsule to leave the impurities and then the bottles move to the standby machine and then to the dosing, where is added the liquid that was lost in the disgorging.

After this process, the bottle passes to the corking machine, in which the cork is placed and, then, to the “musseleta” where the wire is placed.

In the final step, the bottle passes through the capping machine where it is placed the capsule and finally the labelling machine to carry the label.

The Tarouca Municipality invites you to discover the Varosa Valley.


Location: Tarouca
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