The Civic Center of Matosinhos

The complex defined by the buildings of the City Council, Municipal Library and Gallery, and the Viscount of Trevões Palace occupies the former gardens of the latter palace, built in 1911 as a residence for Emídio José Ló Ferreira, a builder who made his fortune in Brazil and has been awarded the title of Viscount due to his humanitarian work.
The modern buildings were designed by the architect Alcino Soutinho. The Town Hall was opened in 1987 and the Municipal Library and Gallery in 2005.
On the facade of the Town Hall stands a sculpture by João Cutileiro alluding to the “Matizadinho” legend that named the city of Matosinhos.

Location: Matosinhos
Seaside Apartment

Seaside Apartment

Apartment located in the centre of Matosinhos at a 3 minute walk from the Matosinhos City Hall...
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