The Multiuse Pavilion Valpaços


Opened in 2006, the Multiuse Pavilion Valpaços occupying a special area between the Bus Station and the industrial zone; booming zone of the town. With investment of about 2.5 million, is a building of reference; the "house", where the most prestigious events are held in Valpaços, such as the Folar's Fair, which attracts thousands of visitors year after year.

With an auditorium with two hundred seats, the Multiuse Pavilion Valpaços was thought to satisfy the needs of the valpacenses (the name given to the inhabitants of Valpaços) in relation to a space where you could held events with a larger number of people. The capacity and features of the main space are significant: examples of the events held, the congresses, the conferences, the lectures, the fashion shows, Masses, exhibitions, dances, workshops, etc.

Location: Valpaços

Is in Valpaços that is one of the most beautiful farms of Trás-os-Montes, Quinta Dona...
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