The Ramil track

Arcos de Valdevez
The Ramil’s track is a pedestrian path called of Small Route (PR), whose signs and marking complies international guidelines. This path is located on the nascent slope of the “Serra do Soajo” (Soajo Hill), on the extremity east of Arcos de Valdevez county, in the National Park of the Peneda-Gerês, and covers a significant part of the Soajo’s village, in the place of Cunhas. Starting in the parking next to the Cunhas’s cemetery, follow the paved road towards the rural nucleus then, approximately 200 meters, turn to the left in a cobbled path. In the ascending path, gradually, we go through the areas of forest and mountain pastures which surround and serve the small place. As far as going further up, we can observe the immensity of the landscape around, the valley ingrained of the River Laboreiro, the wide dam of Alto Lindoso that holds back the waters of the Lima River - this river that the Romans dubbed "Lethe" – the oblivion river. After reaching the highest point of this short walk, about 500 meters high, start to descend, until the former forest guard house, nowadays abandoned. Here, a short break to observe in this beautiful space, architectural remains of the former agro-forestry-pastoral activity - livestock shelters of false dome - that exist abundantly around the mountain territory of the Arcos de Valdevez County.

Returning to the route, we continue down a path parallel to the Laceiras stream to shortly after enter in the forest's area, where abounds the Pinus pinaster and the English Oak (Quercus Robur), constituting a mixed stain. After a while we turn to the right, descending a path that will take us to the Ramil’s Branda. The Branda’s cultures, as it is the case of this small and bucolic Branda, are located in smaller areas in fertile soils and plentiful water, allowing the development of the agricultural crops for human consumption and the livestock.

It is worth peering closely the type of the buildings’ construction, the small network of paths and walls, evidence of the balanced and harmonious way of how the mountain was being occupied. After stopping to visit the branda, continue the path that flows into a forest and shortly after, turn the left and follow the path that will take us in a few minutes, into the place where began this track, the Soajo’s Lands.

Points of interest:
Comunidade Rural de Cunhas
Casa do Guarda da Floresta
Panoramic view over Soajo’s village
Branda de Ramil

Typology: Small Route
Length: 4 km
Duration (hours – approximate): 2h00
Type of tread: Sidewalks and trucker’s ways
Degree of difficulty: Easy
Starting point: Cunhas – Soajo’s village
Arrival: Cunhas – Soajo’s village

Location: Arcos de Valdevez
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