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Mesão Frio

Set out to discover Mesão Frio. Land of durienses cultural traces strongly pronounced and preserved. Starting a tour through the historic centre of the village and let be dazzled by the beauty and richness of its cultural and architectural heritage; The convent of the Franciscans of the Varatojo from the 18th century. The St. Nicholas Church, temple of the Romanesque period, the Church of Santa Cristina, the Pillory, the chests tomb ... In Barqueiros, visit the landmarks of the Pombalina demarcation. In Cidadelhe, the Celtic Castro and Roman bridge...

The pleasures of its gastronomy and its vigorous wines - Douro and Porto and the traditional sweets of the Marine Village.

The Gastronomy and the Wine: The kid with rice and potatoes, roasted in the wood oven along with gilts, are the living testimony of the Mesão Frio kitchen history. To drink, you have to choose white and red wines, DOC Douro and Port Wine.

Location: Mesão Frio
Restaurant  Pousada Solar da Rede

Restaurant Pousada Solar da Rede

Magnificent Solar from the XVIII century, located in the middle of a vineyard with an area of...
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