Trail of Senhora da Serra, Soutelo - Fontes

Santa Marta de Penaguião
The trail of Senhora da Serra it is a pedestrian short route (PR) marked and signposted in accordance with European and national guidelines. This "trilho" is the fifth pedestrian path integrated in the Municipal Network of Santa Marta de Penaguião, promoted by the Municipality. The route runs through the highest part of the extensive parish of Fontes, located in the heart of Serra do Marão and being the largest parish of Fontes, from the chapel of St. Peter to the town of Crestelo, it has built a fortified village, deeply romanized.
In times already distant, in the ancestral municipality of Penaguião, this parish constituted a vicarage, and later have passed to an independent rectory.
The most valuable documentary evidence of antiquity of this parish is the Greco-Roman altar with the Latin inscription: PEEK CILEAE MiniMe VOT: L: PO:
Later, shortly after the foundation of Portugal, the parish received charters of Sancho I, in August 1202, and Afonso III in July 1218.  Manuel I on December 1514, by virtue of the importance of the parish, granted a new charter, making the village the county seat, a situation that lasted until 1836.
This rail part of the church of Soutelo, Fontes parish locality, we went up close to the wall of the church and we keep going by the old road that connected the place of Povoa da Serra to Soutelo. The stoned way bordered by several specimens of autochthonous vegetation such as gorse (Ulex europaeus), the heather (Ericas sp) and “ carqueja” (Baccharis articulata), opens in the landscape until we arrive to Povoa da Serra. From here we follow by forest roads and dense pine forests, spotting here and there several ravines and slopes of Marão mountain .Some time ago we reach its peak and at 1416 meters, stands the Chapel of Senhor da Serra do Marão, whose pilgrimage is known in Portugal for being the highest pilgrimage. After a deserved rest, dazzling us with the surrounding landscape, we expected a long descent to the place of Soutelo. Passed among streams, pine forests and intense landscapes with steep slopes we can see the typical terraced vineyards, forming the backdrop of high beauty, characteristic of this unique region of the Douro Wine Region. By the echoes and sounds emanated by nature, there is always a louder sound that stands out, the chirp of birds of prey that here will wander looking for a small rodent or lizard distracted by life. Arrived to the place of Soutelo, we go to meet the place where this journey began, by the higher territory of the municipality of Santa Marta de Penaguião.


Location: Santa Marta de Penaguião
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