Walking trail - PR4 VRM

Vieira do Minho
Access to the trail

Starting from Vieira do Minho, take the EM 526 (Municipal Road) towards Cantelães . After going througt about 4km , you Will find an intersection with a Cross . Here , turn right and go straight ahead until you reach a forester ' s house and the indications of the hiking trail.

Rout Characteristics

Loop trail , starting and ending at the forester ' s house of Turio , with an extension of about 10,5 km . It is an easy walking trail .
Along the path there are four fountains - Fonte Seca Fonte do Palmeiro Fonte do Confurco and Fonte da Pedra Escrita - and two picnic areas -  Fonte do Palmeiro e Serradela .
It is a little exposed trail.

Trail Description

Tais trail winds through the heart of Turio , and provides the hiker with a direct contact with the most beautiful scenery nature can offer .
You can ser several forest species with a dense canopy .
The watercourses flow trough these populations , embellishing and enriching the landscape .
The calmness and tranquility that can be felt and lived here contribute to the presence of roe deer (Capreolus) ,wild boars (Sus scrofa) ,squirrels (Scicurrus vulgaris) and foxes (vulpes vulpes) .
Besides having the possibility of walking through this ecosystem ,the hiker can enjoy its unquestionable aesthetic value , observing it from the  Serradela and Pedra Escrita belvederes .
You can also use the two picnic areas to step for a rest and gather strengh to continue the hike .
Along the path you can also see several structures with recognized patrimonial value .

Location: Vieira do Minho
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