Vila Pouca de Aguiar
"Árvores Vigilantes do Tempo", de Fátima Carvalho

"Árvores Vigilantes do Tempo", de Fátima Carvalho

18 Jul to 01 Oct 2023
The Ecomuseu de Barroso - Casa do Capitão, in Salto, has on display, until the 1st of October,...

05 Jan to 28 Dec 2023

Dam of Falperra│ Lagoa do Alvão

In full natural area classified, this lagoon is an excellent location for leisure and rest a convivial and the contact with the nature. Has pedestrian trail...

Dam of Pinhão River

Retracing the plateau of Jales, already on the border with the neighboring county of Sabrosa, the dam of Pinhão River is the ideal place to relax, fish or...
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